This shrine was officially opened on June 5, 2001 under the name "Pure Snow Pure Heart." It was renamed on May 1, 2007 to "Aria" for various reasons (mainly length, similarity to the name of another Celes shrine, and my growing dislike for it). Although the site is infrequently updated, Celes is still my favorite video game character, and she will likely always remain so.

This site is based mostly on the North American adaptation done by Ted Woosley, which is heavily edited and condensed. However, the Gameboy Advance re-release of the game, Final Fantasy VI Advance, has an updated translation, and I will eventually be adding information from that version in the future. Additionally, some information comes from the Japanese games and guides.

Layout Information
This is version four of Aria. It features an image of Celes from the doujinshi Missing You (2001) by the circle Suichukaijyu. The layout was designed in Paint Shop Pro 9 and uses the font Cezanne. Some textures come from the now defunct Tre-txture.

Aria is part of my gaming collective,


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