Battle Information
This section goes into detail about Celes' abilities during combat, the type of magic she can cast and how to learn it, what equipment she can use, etc.

Espers, or Phantom Beasts (eidolons), are special, intelligent creatures with magical abilities that used to co-exist with humans before the War of the Magi. However, the humans became corrupt, draining the Espers' powers to infuse themselves with magic. The surviving Espers created another world and moved there. Unfortunately, twenty years ago, some humans accidentally stumbled across into the world (Madonna's first arrival). Then, the Empire, which knew of the Espers, found the world and entered, kidnapping Espers to bring back for experiments. In response, the Espers threw out the humans and sealed off the world.

Espers, when they die, turn into Magicite, which is how they truly transfer their magical power onto another. Professor Cid of the Empire has been perfecting a way of incorrectly transferring magic from an Esper to people; this is how Kefka and Celes are able to use magic, as well as random other people in the game.

Celes is one of the few characters who can naturally use magic without the aid of Magicite. Her strongest magic relates to ice, though she can also do some basic healing spells such as Cure and Antdot. Over the course of time, Celes gradually learns stronger Ice attacks and general status and healing spells on her own, and her ultimate spells are Flare and Meteor- she does not need to have Magicite to learn them. However, you will probably want to give her Magicite anyway so that she will learn the spells quicker.

With Magicite, Celes can learn any spell in the game. There are three types of magic in FFVI: White Magic (healing), Black Magic (offensive), and Grey Magic (status). Not only does Magicite teach users magic, it also can be used to summon an Esper. Magicite can only be used once per battle, and only the person equipped with the Magicite can use it.

Magic Spells; the list of spells Celes can learn

Espers and Magicite; the complete list of Espers and Magicite in the game

Special Skill
Celes' special ability is Runic. This skill allows her to draw magic spells, whether they're cast by an enemy or another party member, towards herself. The spells are absorbed by her and are transformed into MP for herself. Most spells will be absorbed by Runic, but very powerful spells like Meteor and Ultima won't. Using Runic is helpful against enemies that focus on magic attacks: the spells will be absorbed by Celes and won't hurt party members. On the other hand, Runic also prevents Celes and party members from casting spells. Therefore, if you're fighting against an opponent that concentrates mostly on physical attacks, Runic in counterproductive since you won't be able to heal yourself with Cure spells. Celes can only use Runic when equipped with certain swords.

Weapons and Armor
Celes can equip most swords, some whips, and some dirks as weapons. However, not all swords allow her to use the Runic skill. Also, some swords may gain extra strength by draining Celes' magic points. As for armor and gear, Celes can equip most armors and mails, as well as certain female-only pieces and items that are geared towards magic users. Personally I like giving her the Atma Weapon or the Ragnarok; this is not only because I'm biased towards her, but also because I don't find Runic to be very useful later in the game. (I prefer letting Edgar use his tools and Terra use her Morph and magic spells, since they are the other characters who can use swords.)

Weapons List; list of weapons Celes can use

Armor List; list of armor and shields celes can equip

Celes can equip most relics. Relics she cannot equip or use are usually character specific, such as the Memento Ring, Thief Glove, Moogle Charm, and Fake Mustache. Relics are special items that can enhance abilities, prevent status effects, grant special powers, etc. Celes and other characters can equip up to two relics at a time.

Desperation Attack
Most of the characters in FFVI have very rare desperation attacks that are triggered when they are near death. These desperation attacks are used automatically when the Attack command is given, and they have a very low percentage of actually being called.

Celes' special desperation attack is Spin Edge. Honestly, it's kind of a lame name, especially when compared to Locke's Mirager or Mog's Moogle Rush.


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