Final Fantasy Trading Cards
The following are scans from various trading cards released for Final Fantasy VI. The first set of images are from the anime-like cards released in the early 1990s. Celes is in SD form, as is everyone else. The second group of images is from the Final Fantasy Art Museum 3 set. Some of the FF Museum card pictures and the card numbers come from RACapowski's Card Shop.

SD Cards
Celes looks determined
Celes flips her hair, in chains, and as Maria
Celes with her sword, in chains, and as Maria
Locke holds Celes as they swing down
Terra, Relm, and Celes
Celes is in the background with Locke in front

FF Museum Cards
#320 front and back; Amano artwork
#341 front and back; Amano artwork
#356 front: "Confined Celes"; CG
#357 front: "Wish Upon a Flower"; CG
#359 front: "Light of Hope"; CG


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