Celes Fanart
This area is for Celes related fanart. I thank the artists very much for allowing me to display their beautiful artwork on this site. Please visit the artists' webpages to see more of their stunning work, both fanart and original art.

Do NOT use these images on your website without permission from the artists. Contact the artists first by visiting their sites and following the specific rules and guidelines on their websites.

If you have some Celes fanart that you created yourself, please e-mail me your submission. Submissions must be in either jpg or gif format. If you have multiple pieces of fanart or if your submission is over 500kb, please send it as a zipped file.

Opera Celes holds a bouquet of roses

Biohazard; My Fantasy Page
Rachel, Locke, and Celes

Rose Besch; Bara-chan's Cyber Garden
Celes holds a rose

Blademoor; furnation.com/StirWell
Celes as Maria holds the bouquet

Duncan Burris; Reality Gauge
Group picture with Celes

Celes Chere; Opera Floozy
Celes reclines
Celes in gym and swimming outfits
Close-up of Celes as Maria
Celes and little SD Celeses
Celes in a bathing suit
Celes, kneeling, holds her sword

Chikako Suzuki; Crescent Moon
Celes holds the Atma Weapon

Jillian D.; Cho-Cho
Celes, as Maria, sits

Celes releases some magic

Hikaroo and R51; Liz's Artfolder & Such
Picture originally drawn for Caves of Narshe.com
Celes as Maria gazes at the sky

Kathy; AAAACK!!!
Celes reaches for a flower

Celes in the World of Ruin holding Locke's bandana
Celes casts a spell

Kaitlin Kubilius; A Little Kaitlin
Celes and Terra hold swords

Marie Lu; Tyro
Celes sits in a lush landscape

Landale Nurmela; Xenogaia
Terra, Locke, and Celes as the Phoenix Knights
June Mermaid

Celes gazes off to the side
Celes holds a bouquet

Pamela Ramali; Apsylus.com
Celes with a sword, Celes' profile
Locke and Celes embrace
Celes sits down

Marine Remy; Marine's Little Home
Close-up of Celes

Ryuuzaki; Dragon Blossom
Celes uses her "Runic" skill
Celes walks away with her sword

Stormy Strife
Celes leaps off the cliff

Winged Heart
A very realistic, penciled close-up of Celes

Wolf Of Sahara; Deviantart Page
Watercolor of Celes standing


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