Final Fantasy VI FMVs
Final Fantasy Anthology, a compilation of Final Fantasy V and Final Fantasy VI for the Playstation, featured new introduction and ending FMVs (full motion videos). The FMVs only feature certain characters from FFVI, but fortunately Celes is shown a lot. The FMVs also tend to focus on major events from the game, such as the Figaro brothers flipping the coin, Locke freeing Celes, the Opera House, and Terra in Narshe.

Unfortunately the FMVs have never been released in HD, so most of these images are poor quality. The first set of images are from RPGStuff and are higher quality compared to the others.

Higher Quality FMV Caps
Celes, in her opera dress, looks into a mirror
Locke picks Celes' chains
Celes, full body, with her sword
Full body, turned to the side
Close-up of Celes' top
Close-up of Celes face (from the cell)
Celes in her opera dress, full body
On the beach in her opera dress

Jail Cell
Chained to the wall
A shadowy figure
Celes looks up
Locke picks the lock
Locke releases the chain
Celes looks down
Celes looks at Locke
Rubbing her wrist

Opera House
Celes and the Opera Stage
Celes ties her bow (part 1)
Celes ties her bow (part 2)
Celes runs down the hall
Celes finishes her bow
Celes looks at her reflection
Another angle of her looking at herself
Celes runs towards the stage
Still running
Celes waits for Locke
Look behind you
Celes holds the bouquet to her face
On the balcony
A little bit closer
Celes on the balcony and a close-up
Celes closes her eyes
Celes, eyes closed
Celes opens her eyes and looks up
The flowers are lifted a little
Celes holds the bouquet to her chest
Letting the bouquet fly

The Beach
Celes holds Locke's bandana in her hand
Celes brings it closer to her face
Celes kisses the bandana
She looks up
The camera zooms out
Just zoooom out
Celes in her opera dress stands on the shore
The dress fades away
Celes, normally dressed, looks out across the ocean


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