This section has various Celes related merchandise you can (or at least could in the mid-1990s) buy. CDs are in the CDs section. Some trading card scans are in their respective section.

FFVI Japanese Super Famicom box, game, and booklet
Back of Super Famicom box

FFVI Japanese Playstation game cover
FFVI Japanese Playstation game back

FFVI Strategy Guide - Official Basic Knowledge (144 pages, 1994)
FFVI Strategy Guide - Official Establisment File (96 pages, 1994)
FFVI Official Strategy Guide (192 pages, 1994)

FF6 VJump magazine
FF6 VJump Original Video

FFVI Cold Cast Opera House (limited edition)
Close-up of Celes as Maria
Celes on the balcony
Entire cold cast figure
Official card

Stumpy Celes figure
Celes keychain with sword
Celes as Maria keychain
SD Celes pin

1994 Calendar
Close-up of calendar
Another side of the calendar

Box for the 1994 SD trading cards

FF6 Character Collections

Pencil box set
Inside of the pencil tray

FFVI phone card

Final Fantasy Japan artbook

Some book
The Complete book
The Book of Liberation
More unknown FF6 books


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