FFVI Fanfics
This is mostly a list of my general impressions of FFVI fanfics, focusing on Celes and Locke related fanfics. I'm not claiming to be a great reviewer, because I'm not, nor am I claiming to be a great writer.

I wrote this fanfic review a year or so before I opened this site, and since there hasn't been a great influx of FFVI fanfics since then, I think many of the observations are still true. I will note that most of the fanfics I read were written many years ago, I guess mostly around the time FFVI was known as FF3 for the Super Nintendo.

After reading over and skimming "FFVI" fanfics at RPGamer and other sites (many of which are now dead), I came up with a short list of what is wrong with most of the fics:

I've had a lot of problems finding good FFVI fanfics focusing on Celes or Locke/Celes. I don't think there are many, and I really could use some good recommendations. The ones I do like, off the top of my head, include the "Menage a Trois" series by Second Impact (incomplete) and "Celes Wipes the Record Clean," this weird, comedic fanfic about Celes 'breaking' into a hospital to steal her health records because she wants to run for office and is paranoid about someone reading her files. "Menage a Trois" is very well written, and "Celes Wipes the Record Clean" is just funny and unique, a good read.


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