Celes and Beatrix
Celes and Beatrix from Final Fantasy IX are both high-ranking female generals who can kick a lot of arse. But besides their jobs, are they anything alike? Oh, as much as I adore Beatrix, this is a pretty superficial comparison, mostly because I've only played FFIX once.

- Both worked for a corrupt ruler. Celes worked under Emperor Geshtal, and Beatrix was a general for Queen Brahne.
- Both women realized that their actions were wrong and so switched sides. Celes did so after she discovered that the Empire was going to poison Doma Castle, and Beatrix switched after Zidane and the others reminded her of her duty- to protect Princess Garnet.
- Both are somewhat cold and aloof at first. Celes' comments to Cyan, Edgar, and Terra are rather cold and distant, and Beatrix has the whole attitude thing going on.
- Both gain love interests, something they weren't expecting to find. Celes and Locke! Beatrix and... erm, Steiner?
- Both mellow out during the course of the game. Part of these personality changes have to do with their loves, although general interactions with other characters play a major role.

- The obvious physical, clothing, and age differences.
- Beatrix is initially an enemy you must constantly fight.
- Celes can use magic.
- Beatrix is much more arrogant, but she has good reason to be.
- Beatrix is more formal, more mature, and more stable than Celes is. On the other hand, she also seems more inclined towards romance.
- Beatrix is for the most part a NPC, and she's insanely powerful. Since Celes is a major playable character, you have to level her up to be strong.

Beatrix is probably one of my favorite FF female characters ever. Although she and Celes are actually quite different women, they do have several nifty similarities that are fairly interesting.


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