Terra and Relm
Females are a pretty rare occurrence in Final Fantasy games. They're usually always outnumbered, or else there are the same number of males and females. Final Fantasy IV had more guys, Final Fantasy V did actually have more females, Final Fantasy VII had more guys than girls, Final Fantasy VIII equaled the sexes out, and Final Fantasy IX had equal numbers plus Quina, who is an it with female tendencies. But Final Fantasy VI seems to be the most unequal game in terms of male to female ratios.

Terra is sweet and has a story that makes you want to sympathize with her. She's a nice person, and, in my opinion, rather innocent and naive. Her past is tragic- she was used by the Empire with no real memory of her actions, although she has recollections of the horrors she's committed, she was kidnapped at birth, her mother was murdered and her father locked away in a lab to be experimented on, she has an identity crisis being half-Esper, half-human.

What I find fascinating about Terra is that the thing she wants most is to experience love. Although she does want her memory back and eventually gets it, it seems her driving force is the search for this elusive emotion. When she eventually finds love, it's not the stereotypical romantic kind- instead, she finds love in her adopted family. Terra becomes a woman that others d epend on, the protector instead of the protected.

I admit throughout the game, especially before the World of Ruin, she has a tendency to want people to solve problems for her; she does seem a bit self-absorbed; she does have a little-girl quality about her. Still, I can't really fault her for that because of her amnesia and her past. Besides, she grows and matures.

I like Terra. It seems strange that there are people who think you have to like either Celes or Terra, like with Tifa/Aerith, but I do like Terra. I just happen to like Celes a lot more. The major problem is, I think, people who want Terra to be with Locke, and people who want Celes to be with Locke. Frankly, I'm a canon person, and I think it's pretty obvious that FFVI intends Locke/Celes, and for Terra to find a different sort of love. I think it rather demeans Terra's story and her search to reduce her to, "She should be with Locke because she needs to have romance, since she's a girl, and everyone needs romance!" Er, no.

Relm is only a kid, but she has a big mouth and is adorable with her insults. She's a brat, but she's a cute brat. In spite of her teasing and attitude problem, Relm genuinely cares for Gramps Strago; her scenes with him really are sweet. She seems to have a minor obession with Edgar (the much older man), and while that's sort of disturbing, it's not really big in the American translation. There isn't much to say about her, since she still is a child, but she wants to fit into the grown-up world and be treated like an adult, even as she acts, of course, like a little girl.

Terra and Celes get along well, contrary to some of the fan created tension between them. I truly don't see any type of love triangle or rivalry between them; again, this seems to revolve mostly around the "I want my favorite girl to be with Locke!" argument, which I find ridiculous. In the game itself, Celes gradually becomes protective of Terra, as most of the other characters do. Celes and Relm don't interact very much, but Terra shows a bit of a "motherly" role towards Relm when Ultros appears.


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