Pisces: the Zodiac
Celes, born on March 10, is a Pisces. This section describes the astrological implications behind her zodiac.

The Pisces sign, represented by the Fish, is the 12th and final sign of the Zodiac, occurring from February 20 to March 20. Its element is Water, its quality Mutable, its mode Feeling, and its motto "I Believe." The ruler of Pisces is the planet Neptune. The symbol the fish "swim freely in the cosmic ocean" and "represent [the] highest lessons of fellowship, and capacity to see deeply into life and nature of things." The fish "can submerge themslves in the depths and partake of hidden and ultimate mysteries." They essentially teach the idea that "death is only beginning of new life." The Aquarius-Pisces Cusp, from Febuary 20-22, is represented by the image of "sensitivity"; Pisces I, from February 23 - March 2, has the image of "Spirit"; from March 3 - 10 is the second Pisces period and its image is "Loner"; Pisces III is from March 11 - 18 and has the image of "Dancers and Dreamers"; the Pisces-Aries Cusp, March 19 - 20, shows "Rebirth."

The stones of the sign of Pisces are the white opal; jade; pearl; and amethyst. Its colors are mauve, purple, and aquamarine, while its musical keys are B Minor and B Flat Minor. The plants are mosses, ferns, and seaweed. From February 20 - March 17, the tree is the ash; March 18 - 20 has the alder, pomegranate, and dogwood trees; the Spring Equinox has the furze, gorse, and wild olive. Pisces is typically attracted to Aquarius, Cancer, and Scorpio.

The Pisces sign signifies a "merging with cosmos" and a "letting go of earthly attachments." Those born under this sign have a "dreamy, spiritual, and deeply emotional quality." They are often "not practical but can be understanding" in their "expression of abstract ideas and systems." They share their "material possessions" "easily", and they "enjoy friendships and close p artnerships." However, they sometimes "need to be alone a good deal;" this tendency can result in them "becom[ing] loners who isolate themselves from the world." Marked by "extreme sensitivity", they "can be vulnerable to depression and self-pity" and should thus "be wary of self-pity", but their "suffering is dealt with well." Those born with the Pisces sign have "excellent memories", are "devotional, true believers", and are "highly empathic and sensitive to others."

Comments and Analysis
Celes is often marked by loneliness in the game. She does not have anyone to turn to after she is branded as a traitor. Celes comes off as somewhat distant after she initially joins the Returners. Other characters don't really fully trust her or her capabilities, except for Locke. Even then, Locke at one point believes she has betrayed the group, and after Celes saves the group, what happens to her afterward isn't really known. Even with good men like Leo to aid her, she probably has to suffer on her own. Then, after the World of Balance becomes the World of Ruin, she is stranded on an island alone with Cid, who is sick; if he dies, she is further isolated and tries to commit suicide.

However, Celes obviously does not want to be alone. After she joins the Returners, it seems as though she is opened up to other emotions and people. She is surprisingly sensitive, but she is always true to her feelings and her emotions. Throughout the game, her growth is a result of her trying to move away from being by herself to having friends and relationships with other characters that she can trust herself to.

Celes is not especially emotional, or at least not emotional in the same way Terra is. Celes does have freak outs, and she does seem sad at certain points, but it is more like she tries to suppress those emotions by keeping them to herself. She's not very dreamy, though.

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