Love and Relationships
Introductory Description of Celes: "Product of genetic engineering, battle-hardened Magitek Knight, with a spirt as pure as snow..."

As cool as all the characters in FFVI are, IMHO, many of them don't have much interaction with each other. I'm assuming that these feelings of friendship develop just by being with each other and fighting enemies with each other. The characters mostly get along well and care for each other, but these feelings can't be explained through the story that you read and the events that develop. So some of the only explanations that I can come up with are that by having to be around one another with a common objective and overall similar values promotes friendship and unity.

This section looks at Celes' relationships with other characters. It also tries to explain some of Celes' personality, mostly because I define her through her experiences with her friends.

Celes and Locke
The hardest, most complex one. First off, I think I've always looked at Celes as being a strong person, which I've learned is not something people agree with.

Celes obviously has some sort of emotional dependency on Locke. The question is how strong that dependency is. I know some people think that Celes is too dependent on the thief. However, I'm not sure how most people act when they are in love. Emotional bonds are certainly a part of love, and being abandoned or betrayed by a loved one is devastating. I think I've seen other characters, and met people, in love who are more emotionally dependent on their loved ones. Drawing strength from another is not necessarily a bad thing.

Locke is the one who comes to her rescue at an important pinnacle of her life. Celes has just been branded a traitor by the one 'family' (used very loosely) she has known, she has been mocked and abused by men formerly under her command, she is slated for execution, and that's not to mention the disillusionment she must experience with the empire and herself. Still, as an indication of Celes' strength, she remains defiant and disdainful to the soldiers even when held prisoner. When Locke saves her, Celes initially tries to remain self-dependent. Being a general at such a young age, and a female one at that, Celes probably had to rely mostly on herself, and Locke's offer to protect her may reassure her that she's not alone. He is one of the few to stand up for her, which reinforces the rightness of her feelings.

Locke is good-natured, chivalric, dedicated, and kind; it's natural that Celes would fall for him. Not only his understanding of her situation but her sympathy with his own sorrow- the guilt over the death of Rachel- seem to mesh together. It's pretty clear that Celes has developed feelings for Locke by the time they're in Kohlingen, so his later doubt in the Magitek Factory hits Celes even harder. She retreats from him through avoidance, even though she later realizes the futility in her actions.

Celes does have a tendency to worry about Locke first. When she first wakes up on the Solitary Island with Cid, Locke is the one she asks about by name. She is pained by his apparent death, but she's not completely shattered, so long as Cid is alive. Even though her friends are gone, she still has him; she takes his suggestion that they live together in peace and adopts him as her grandfather. During Cid's illness, Celes takes care of him, brings him food, and encourages him to get better. If Cid lives, she gains strength and confidence from him.

However, if Cid dies, Celes is crushed. Her depression may suggest that she has a dependency on other people, at least once she accepts Locke's promise in South Figaro. On the other hand, it may simply be that Celes is alone on an island with no other living soul (except for fish and birds), and she believes that all her friends and grandfather are dead. Given her circumstances, Celes' depression is understandable. After all, other people on the island did commit suicide or waste away, and that was when there were other people among them.

Still, Celes' love or dependency, whichever seems to be more appropriate, for Locke does not make her into a completely male-dependent, weak female. She *was* a general, after all, something a lot of people seem to forget. Celes is initially aloof towards characters other than Locke. After her not-so-great reception in Narsh, she has several conversations with other characters. (One of the coolest things about Celes is this section. I love her replies!) "Ice Princess" is a pretty good description of Celes, at least in respect to her retorts to Edgar, Cyan, and Terra. At first, when she is still fixed in her role as a general, emotions aren't wanted when dealing with others. She doesn't think highly of infatuation, she coolly tells Cyan to watch her himself to see what side she's on, she doesn't understand Terra's desire to want love. The dialogues show the side of Celes that eventually 'melts' into a warmer, more caring person.

At several key points in the game, Celes demonstrates strength, intelligence, and her own will. She is almost tactlessly harsh in the Opera House, although she does see how necessary her cooperation is and agrees to undertake the role of being Maria. Later, Celes shows a lot of good sense and intelligence when she bargains with Setzer to gain the airship, despite protests from Locke. On the Floating Island, she confronts Kefka and the Emperor, two key figures in her old life, tries to come to grips with her feelings, decides war is hateful, power worse, and ultimately decides where she wants to be, stabbing Kefka in the process. Celes' role in the World of Ruin, despite perhaps showing some of her worst faults, also emphasizes her strength of character, from Cid to traveling on her own to finding Sabin, meeting with Terra, the encounter with Edgar, then snapping Setzer into his old self.

As for Locke... Locke has some issues, too, mostly dealing with the guilt of something that wasn't his fault: Rachel's death. He has a complex for saving females he identifies with Rachel, or at least when their plights are similar. He wants to rescue people, probably to a fault, though it helps Terra and Celes. Edgar, on a serious note, wonders if Locke is still thinking about what happened to Rachel.

It's not really clear when exactly Locke starts to have feelings for Celes. His protection complex kicks in after he rescues her, of course, surprised and rather annoyed that Celes at first refuses his help. When she asks why he helped her, he almost blows up in angry annoyance. He doesn't seem to be able to explain the complex at all, at least without getting too personal. It's not until the fight with TunnelArmr that Celes asks Locke to trust her instead of the other way around.

Later, Edgar senses that Celes may be having a "thing" for Locke and tries to warn her off of him.

Anyway, Locke's first major indication that he likes Celes more than a friend is in the opera house. He sees her in Maria's dress, turns red, and speaks a bit... silly. He dodges her personal questions, instead commenting that the ribbon she wears suits her. She takes the compliment lightly.

Locke is NOT thrilled at all when Celes agrees to Setzer's betting terms in the Blackjack. "Listen to yourself! Celes... you can't become his wife! You just can't!" No specific reason is given, it's a desperate plea. Mmm, sounds like Locke's got something going on for Celes...

In the Magitek Factory, Locke is just as hurt by Celes' apparent betrayal as she is hurt by his lack of belief in her. He doesn't really want to talk about it, but sometime later, he's come to the understanding that she didn't double-cross them at all (either through the Emperor's words or his own beliefs). His attempts to talk with her are met with silence, which makes him somewhat angry and hurt. He retaliates by ignoring her when she finally wants to talk to him.

After the Espers are found, they apologize to each other, in a sense. They tune everyone else out, even though everyone else is listening to them. Relm and Strago make comments, and they become embarrassed when they realize that their DA was P. (PDA = Public Display of Affection)

In the World of Ruin, Celes is determined to find Locke, especially if you end the game without him. If you find him, though, Celes waits for him after he uses the Phoenix on Rachel. Rachel basically tells him to live his life before she disappears. This reassurance of her love for him and his innocence help Locke get over her death. When he sees Celes, he can tell her he's all right because he is. He can finally begin to let go of Rachel.

The last major demonstration of Locke and Celes' relationship is, of course, at the end of the game. Celes, in a strangely girly manner, drops Locke's bandanna and rushes to get it as the floor starts to collapse. Not the smartest thing to do, and a bit overly sentimental for her IMO, but Locke gets to rescue her and tell her he won't let go of her. He pulls her to safety and is upset that she risked her life over a "silly trinket." He then carries her to a safe place as the floor falls in even more, and they look at each other before running off.

Locke's love for Celes may have some roots in his need to protect people. On the other hand, Terra wants to be protected, too, and he doesn't fall in love with her. Celes' loyalty, strength, dedication, and beauty also probably helped push him towards her, even with the few bumps along the way.

Celes and Terra
Celes and Terra have an interesting relationship. Celes obviously knew that Terra was being controlled, and even given that Terra doesn't remember much about being an Imperial soldier, at first, they seem like total strangers. Though opposite in elements, they are similar because they are the same age (18), they both worked for the Empire, they both join the Returners, and they both can use magic.

However, they don't really interact much in the game. In Narshe, when Cyan is yelling at Celes, Terra speaks up and identifies with Celes' position. When the group goes to protect the frozen Esper, Celes and Terra exchange a few words, and while Celes identifies their similar abilities to use magic, they cannot yet connect on an emotional basis. Terra is searching for love, and Celes doesn't even understand the question. Then Terra turns into an Esper and flies off, and not much later, Celes leaves the party for a while. When Celes returns, she and Terra still don't talk much. However, on the boat heading for Thamasa, Celes tries unsuccessfully to talk to Locke. He brushes her off and leaves; Celes is obviously hurt. Terra, having watched the scene, uncertainly starts towards Celes in sympathy, but she turns and runs off. In the World of Ruin, Celes and Sabin find Terra in Mobliz. Celes and Terra are obviously glad to see each other, but there isn't much unique interaction.

As two of the three major female characters in FFVI (with the third being much younger than them), they don't really develop a bosom buddy friendship. That's probably for the better. However, it's strange that Celes seems to take on a protective and concerned role for Terra. Maybe it's one of the relationships that's not developed much in the story, or maybe I'm just reading too much into it. Or maybe it's that Terra's personality causes other people to naturally feel protective of her. But by the end of the game, it's Celes who is constantly at Terra's side, after the battle with Kefka and on the ship as the party escapes. On the Falcon, Celes looks for Terra, gets worried, finds her, drags her over to the group, and helps her up. As for Terra, she is the type to be concerned over everyone, and so it is natural for her to develop sympathies and feelings of friendship for Celes.

It's also worth noting that some people see a "love triangle" deal between Terra, Locke, and Celes. Initially in the game, it looks like Terra and Locke may end up together; he vows to protect her, does a dashing little stance, she blinks in that feminine way. Later, she winks at Edgar and Locke, and the two guys "swoon." Then Celes appears, and the Terra and Locke thing goes to heck. Anyway, some people like Terra and Locke together. Personally, I don't, even though I like Terra. Anyway, Terra has the love of the children at the end of the game, which is nice and non-cliche. Instead of finding a need for love in a significant other, she discovers love can be found in other people, in other ways.

Celes and Setzer
Setzer and Celes don't exactly meet on the right foot. He kidnaps her thinking she's someone else; she wanted to be kidnapped so she misled him into believing she was that someone else. When Setzer discovers he's been duped, he's pretty annoyed; he childishly says that he doesn't want to have anything to do with Celes and the others. They appeal to his vanity and try to convince him to lend them his Blackjack. After the group makes their pleas, Setzer abruptly tells Celes that she's "even more stunning than Maria" (the opera singer Celes impersonated). He says that if Celes marries him, he'll let the group use the Blackjack. She uses another trick to wheedle her way out of the proposal, but he doesn't seem to mind. Instead, he admires her two-handedness.

So I guess you could say Setzer is initially attracted to Celes. Not only is she physically attractive, but she's also got some personality traits that Maria apparently lacks. But after their first encounter, Setzer never acts on that attraction during the game. He and Celes seem to get along well regardless of his marriage proposal. It's likely that Celes' trick won him over and relaxed the situation. It also doesn't help any potential relationship between them that Setzer still has issues over the death of Daryl, his good female friend (read: probable lover), and Celes only has eyes for Locke. In the second half of the game, Celes, Sabin, and Edgar find Setzer, and Celes is the one who snaps him out of his self-pity and depression over losing the Blackjack.

At the end of the game, if you didn't get Locke (shame on you!), Setzer saves Celes and tells her she's doing a "Maria" on him. Yeah, Setzer is a good guy. He and Celes are mostly just good friends in the game. Personally, I would be weirded out if he got with Maria; there are too many implications of identity confusion (was it REALLY Maria he wanted, or just someone who looked like Celes?)

Celes and Edgar
Edgar, the irrepressible playboy, doesn't try to use his charms on Celes, thankfully. (At least, not until the very end of the game.) Actually, his first real words to her are to tell her to not fall for Locke since Locke has a "complicated past." She tartly tells him she's a general, not some "love starved twit." Edgar aptly replies, "Cold as ice..." There doesn't seem to be any animosity between them, though. They get along pretty well. Edgar is probably one of the most understanding of the group; he *did* pretend to ally with the Empire.

Later, when dealing with Setzer, Celes borrows a coin from Edgar which Edgar readily provides. (That, of course, gives Edgar away to Sabin.)

In the World of Ruin, Celes sees Gerad and thinks he's Edgar. Edgar/Gerad tries to dodge the questions, but Celes is annoyingly persistent in getting him to 'fess up his true identity. She doesn't appreciate the game he's playing (even though he explains the masquerade later). Celes surprises Edgar when she identifies 'Gerad's' use of "my lady" with Edgar's gallant womanizing talk. Edgar tries to suavely recover, though. In the basement of Figaro, he finally reveals his identity by grinning and saying, "What're you waiting for, Celes? Give me a hand!!"

Edgar's fairly easygoing personality and weakness for women probably helps their relationship a lot. He's the type of person it's easy to be friends with.

Celes and Sabin
Sabin is the first party member Celes finds after she returns to the mainland in the second half of the game. They are both happy to see each other, and Sabin, in his usual blunt way, says that they have to find everyone else, kick Kefka's arse, and bring peace to the world. The two travel first to Mobliz to see Celes, then later to Nikeah where they see Edgar. Later in the game, you also need to have both Sabin and Celes in your party when you meet with Gau's father for a nifty sequence to take place that shows another side to Sabin and Gau.

Celes is described as looking like Sabin. For some reason, someone in Albrook during the World of Ruin mistakes Celes for Sabin. Yeah, whatever, like you could think a thin blond like Celes was a muscled big guy nearly 10 years older than her. Anyway, another person says that they have the same sparkle in their eyes, which is a lot more tactful and less stupid than the other person's words. In any case, Celes and Sabin seem to be somewhat alike, at least in looks and determination. They also seem to get along pretty well even though their relationship isn't developed very much. Sabin relates more with Edgar, Cyan, Gau, and Shadow.

Celes and Cyan
Cyan doesn't like Celes too much at the beginning of the game. If it weren't for Locke, he'd probably have tried to mow her down with a Sword Tech. Still brimming with anger, pain, and sorrow at the loss of his family, friends, and king at the hands of the Empire, having a powerful general of the Empire suddenly become part of the Returners prompted him to accuse her of treachery. Though Locke defends Celes and Terra admits to being a former soldier for the Empire, Cyan draws Celes aside soon afterward and tells her he doesn't trust her. She responds by telling him to watch for himself and then decide who she's aligned with.

After that, there's not much interaction, though the initial hostility apparently fades away. When Kefka confronts Celes in the Magitek Factory, Cyan says, "See! I told you she couldn't be trusted." Really, nice, Cyan. Anyway, afterwards, everything seems to be okay between them. Cyan's main focus in the game is dealing with the loss of his family, something Celes wasn't involved in, something he probably realizes later even if it's never explicitly stated.

Celes and Cid
Cid is the scientist behind researching and studying Espers. He keeps the kidnapped Espers in capsules in his lab, and he attempts to perfect his method of harnessing their energy. From his work, he created the augmentation process that gives people the ability to use magic. Some of his experiments were Celes, Kefka, and other children. After he sees Celes, Kefka, and the Returners, Cid realizes that he has been used by the Empire. He joins the Returners and tries to convince the Emperor to end the war.

Cid tells Locke and company that he raised Celes like she was his own daughter. However, he knows she has done many bad things, and he wants to apologize to her for the way her life has turned out.

In the World of Ruin, Celes wakes up after a year long coma. The only other person on the Solitary Island is Cid, who has been caring for her all this time. Celes thinks all her friends are dead. Cid offers for them to live together peacefully on the island. Celes agrees and decides to call Cid "Grandfather." Cid, however, has become sick, so it is Celes' turn to care for him. Celes takes care of Cid, feeding him fish. He either dies or survives depending on how well you feed him. In either case, Cid provides for Celes after he gets better or dies. He has hidden away a raft he apparently constructed during her coma; he gives it to Celes so that she may find her friends.

Cid is a good paternal figure for Celes. He does genuinely care about her, far beyond the experimenter-experimentee relationship, and she is very fond of him. He even recognizes that she's in love with Locke. As for Cid's personality, it's hard to say what exactly caused him to change from weird animal experimenter (not that Espers are animals, they TALK and THINK like humans after all) to nice guy who sees the wrong in what he's doing. He never seems like a bad person, but it is kind of hard to attribute all that he's done to simple scientific fervor.

Celes and Leo
Celes and Leo don't actually talk very much in FFVI. They obviously have worked together, both being two of the three top generals of the Empire, and they do work together in the game. Although not explicit, it's probably safe to say that Celes and Leo respect each other. They are similar in their values, both preferring peace to war, and both despise the acts of the insane Kefka. Leo is a very strong warrior and a very honorable man. It's obvious that Celes, as well as her friends, deeply regret the loss of General Leo when he is killed by Kefka.

Celes and Kefka
Leo does not conceal his avid dislike of Kefka's ways, so perhaps Celes does not either. She turned against him, the Emperor, and the Empire itself when she heard about the under-handed way the Empire would deal with Doma. It's hard to say what exactly she feels about him before she betrays the Empire, although I certainly wouldn't say they were friends at any point in their relationship. After she leaves the Empire, Celes probably feels disgust for Kefka, just as she feels disgust for the soldiers who are serving the "cowards" (the Empire). Kefka, perhaps, represents someone she could become if she desired war and power; they are both infused with magic, yet they are very different people. Kefka regards Celes as a tool, someone to use to his own advantages; he could never form any familiar or caring relationship for anyone.


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