Appearance and Outfits
Celes wears two different outfits in the game- her normal uniform and Maria's dress during the opera scene. There are different variations of these two outfits: those based on her sprite form in the game, those based on her design in the FMVs, those featured in Amano's character designs, and the ones shown on the sprite trading cards.

General Description
Celes is tall for a woman at 5'7" and very slender, weighing only 127 lbs. She has blue eyes and long blond hair that falls at least half-way down her back.

In-Game Sprite
Celes' sprite outfit basically looks like she's wearing a green bodysuit, a blue belt, blue boots, shoulder pads, a white cape, a blue bracelet (or clasp) on both wrists, and either two blue hair clasps or a blue bandana that doesn't cover her forehead.

Super Deformed Sprite
In the SD sprite drawings, Celes is basically the same as her in-game version, except she is explicitly drawn with a blue bandana. Her boots and bracelets are also trimmed with yellow.

In-Game Maria
Celes, when dressing as Maria, appears to be wearing a long white dress with a scooping neckline. The front of the dress has some blue on the bodice. She is either wearing blue bracelets, or the dress has blue on the collars. In her hair, Celes has a large dark-green bow with a green clasp in her ponytail.

FMV Celes
The FMVs are based on Amano's original designs for Celes. Celes' uniform is completely different from her in-game sprite uniform. The sprite one, though cute, doesn't seem fitting for a general to wear. Two example pictures of Celes' uniform are here: Celes' entire body at a slight angle and a close-up of Celes' top.

Celes' has a dark brown top (a shoulderless bodice?) that goes around her chest and is trimmed with a tanish gold color. In some pictures, it looks purple, and overall has a purplish tint. In the FMVs, she wears a short vest over the top, also tanish gold, though in Amano's artwork, she sometimes doesn't. Around her waist is a light belt of the same material as the vest. She has interesting arm-wear which starts on her arm near her chest, and the material continues down until her wrists, where it's cut off. The arm-thing has ties on the side at their tops. Celes' pants are made of the same material as her arm-things, her vest, and her belt, and is the same color. The sides of her pants near the hip have slits with a cross tie pattern across them. The pants continue down until they reach Celes' boots, which are pale brown. Around Celes' wrists are bracelets; she wears a necklace with a single bead on it, and she has strange, dangling earrings. The clasp that pulls her hair back is intricately designed.

FMV Maria
Celes' Maria outfit is really beautifully designed and complex in the FMVs. It has a very European feel to it. I don't think anyone could ever cosplay as her because her dress is much too delicately embroidered. The dress itself is a pale, ivory color, trimmed with a slightly darker to light brown patterns and lace. The FMVs decided to give Celes' outfit a blue tinge. Her bow and hair clasp are blue, her front bow is blue with a dark blue gem in its center. The blue ribbons at the end of her sleeves are made of the same material as the dress's front bow. Though it looks like she is wearing gloves in the picture, in the actual FMVs, she does not. Celes wears an interesting necklace and has her normal dangling pearl-like earrings. For her opera scene, she carries a bouquet of red roses tied up with a blue bow.


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