Quotes and Dialogues
This section contains extensive quotes from Celes and dialogues involving her. On the whole, the quotes are correct; however, some of the exact line breaks as used in the game many not be accurate.

South Figaro
(Locke is in the secret passage under the rich man's house.)
(Locke peers into a jail cell.)
Locke: "I've seen her before... Of course! She's one of the Empire's generals!"
(A guard is beating up Celes, who is chained to the wall)
Guard 1: "This's what happens to traitors! So, the mighty Celes has fallen!"
Celes: "How can you serve those cowards..."
Guard 1: "Hold your tongue!"
Celes: "Isn't it true that Kefka's going to poison the people of Doma, to the east?"
Guard 1: "Shuddap!"
(The guard hits Celes, and she falls into a heap.)
Guard 1: "I'd hate to be in your shoes tomorrow!"
Guard 1 (to Guard 2): "Keep a close eye on her!"
Guard 2: "Yes, Sir! I can go for days without sleep!"
(Guard 1 leaves. Guard 2 is asleep when Locke enters the cell. Locke frees Celes.)

Locke in the soldier outfit:
Celes: "You're awfully short for a soldier..."
Locke: "Oops! Forgot I was wearing these clothes."
(Locke changes back. Scandalous.)

Locke in the merchant outfit:
Celes: "What do you hope to peddle down here?"
Locke: "Oops! Forgot I was wearing these clothes."
(Locke changes back. Shield your eyes, Celes!)

Locke in his normal outfit:
Celes: "And you are...?"

Locke: "I'm with the Returners. Name's Locke."
Celes: "Returners!!! I used to be General Celes... Now I'm just a common traitor..."
Locke: "Let's go!"
Celes: "!? You'd take me along? Thanks, but no thanks. I can barely walk..."
(Celes walks slowly forward.)
Celes: "I'm grateful, but... Even if you got me out, you'd never be able to protect me. No, I think I'm better off here."
Locke: "I'll protect you! Trust me! You'll be fine!"
(Locke winks.)
Locke: "Let's go!"
Celes: "Wait. This soldier has something important on him..."
(Locke rummages for the clock key.)

Celes: "Why are you helping me?"
Locke: "You remind me of someone... But what's it matter, anyway? I just want to, okay?!"

Cave towards Figaro
Locke: "Huh?"
Celes: "Something's coming outta the wall!!"
Celes: "TunnelArmr! I'll draw its magic attack. It won't hurt us."
Locke: "Come again?!"
Celes: "I can simply absorb the attack with my Runic Blade."
Locke: "Are you sure you'll be okay?!"
Celes: "Just you watch!!"

Elder's House in Narshe
Elder: "But...that was only because Doma was collaborating with the Returners! If we make that mistake..."
(Locke and Celes enter the house.)
Locke: "That's nonsense!!"
Terra: "Locke!"
Locke: The Empire's poised to attack Narshe right now!
Edgar: What?!
Banon: "Locke. Where'd you hear that?"
Locke: "Celes, here, was one of the Empire's generals..."
Cyan: "Grrr! I knew she seemed familiar. Sir Gau, out of my way!"
(Cyan shoves Gau aside.)
Cyan: "This's General Celes! She torched Maranda! She's an Imperial spy! Now, stand aside!" (Locke runs between Cyan and Celes, lifting up his arms.)
Locke: "Wait! Celes has joined the Returners! She's fighting with us, now!" Cyan: "But...!" Locke: "I promised I'd protect her. I WILL NOT back out on my word." Edgar: "Locke... Are you still thinking about... that?" Terra (looking upset): "I was also an Imperial soldier." Cyan: "WHAT!!" Edgar: "The Empire's evil. But not ALL of its citizens are!" Sabin (looking annoyed): "Oh, this is..."

Towards the Esper
Edgar: "Locke has a complicated past. I wouldn't want to think he's fallen for you or something."
Celes: "I'm a soldier, not some love-starved twit!"
Edgar: "Cold as ice..."

Celes: "So, you were born with the power of magic!? Isn't it a lovely gift..."
Terra: "You...can use magic, too?"
Celes: "When I was a baby I was artificially infused with magic, and raised as a Magitek Knight."
Terra: "Have you...loved anyone?"
Celes: "??? What's that supposed to mean?"

Cyan: "Don't think for a moment I trust you!"
Celes: "Fine. Use your own eyes, then decide."

Arvis' House
Locke: "Unhh..."
Celes: "You're awake?"
Locke: "... Where's Terra?!"
Celes: "She changed into a...something, and...took off. She looked like... She looked like...an Esper..."
Edgar: "Locke! You okay?"
Edgar: "Something happened to Terra... There seems to be some connection between Espers and her... Anyway, we need to find her. Witnesses saw her screaming across the sky to the west."
Locke: "Let's go! I promised her I'd..."
Celes: "Locke..."

Note: This section is whacked. Depending on how your party is arranged, one of many characters can do the talking. In one scenario, Celes does most of the questioning but in another, it's (surprisingly) Gau. In other party arrangements, Locke acts as the leader even though most of the comments are said 'anonymously.' Cyan and Shadow also can have their say.

Ramuh: "She's scared, you know."
"Who're you?"
Ramuh: "This girl is your friend?"
Celes: "Is Terra okay?"
Ramuh: "You call her Terra... ...Terra?? How odd..."
Ramuh: "She is undamaged. But I fear she can't understand you. As for me, I am Ramuh. The Esper, Ramuh."
Celes: "But don't Espers live in another world?"
Ramuh: "That doesn't mean we don't live here, too. Espers take a variety of forms. Sometimes we live here, taking the shape of humans. You have nothing to fear from us."
"Why do you hide the fact that you're Espers?"
Ramuh: "Humans and Espers can't survive together."
"I heard that Espers and people once lived side by side. Was that just a fairy tale...?"
Ramuh: "No, that was no fairy tale. That was true. We started out as friends. Then along came the War of the Magi..."
"War of the Magi..."
Ramuh: "It took place...long ago. Espers fought humans who were infused with magical power extracted from Espers... Fearing our magical powers would once again become a target, we fashioned a new realm, and moved there. About 20 years ago, humans stumbled upon it... humans who knew about Espers, and the secret to Magitek power. Thus began a hunt for Espers. Only in this way could Emperor Gestahl create his invincible army. In response to this, we erected a doorway, and threw the humans out."
Ramuh: "Even as we speak, many of my kind are trapped in the Empire's Magitek Research Facility, being... ...drained of their powers... I fled here to avoid a similar fate."
Ramuh (to Terra): "That's right, relax."
Ramuh: "I sensed that Terra was in trouble. My magic... summoned her here."
"Terra's...an Esper?"
Ramuh: "No, she's actually quite different."
"Terra looks like she's in pain."
Ramuh: "Her very existence strikes fear into her own heart."
"How can we help her?"
Ramuh: "When she accepts this aspect of herself, I think she'll be all right."
"We have to do something!"
Ramuh: "Then free those of my kind imprisoned in Gestahl's Magitek Research Facility. One of them can surely help her."
Celes: "The Magitek Research Facility...? Your people are still there?!"
(If Celes is not the main questioner, she says, "Magitek Research Facility... Your people are...")
Ramuh: "Like a coward, I escaped leaving the others there. It'll be the end of them..."
"What do you mean?"
Ramuh: "Gestahl's methods are incorrect. You can't drain a live Esper of all its power. It is only when we are reduced to Magicite that our abilities can be transferred in total..."
Ramuh: "When we transform into Magicite, our power can be relocated."
Ramuh: "That's what's left of us when we...pass away."
Ramuh: "These are my comrades who fell while escaping the Empire. And I will give you my power, as well..."
(He turns into Magicite.)
"Why are you doing this...?"
Ramuh: "We few can help save many. The War of the Magi must not be repeated..."
Celes: "Ramuh... Why...?"
Celes: "He traded his power, so that others might live..."
"Terra...wait for us. We'll be back!

Sabin: "This can't be true... Celes."
Celes: "I don't remember because I was asleep when they... augmented me. But I've heard rumors to that effect."

Cyan: "Then we're going in..."
Edgar: "We'd best split into two groups. We stil need to beef up our defense in Narshe."
Cyan: "Indeed."
Celes: "I'll go to the Empire. I know it well..."
Sabin: "But alone...?"
Locke: "Don't worry, I'll go with her."
Celes: "Locke!"
Cyan: "You need a hand?"
Locke: "Please wait for us in Narshe. We'll find our way back safely.
Cyan: "If you wish to change group members, head for Narshe."
Celes: "So... how we gonna get there? The Empire's on the continent to the south. No boats go there..."
Locke: "The people of Jidoor, a town to the south, can probably help us."
Celes: "Locke."
Locke: "Yes?"
Celes: "Why are you coming with me?"
Locke: "Well... There's bound to be treasures there. And besides, I've always wanted an inside look at the Empire!"

Impressario's House
Impresario: "Maria!?"
Celes: "Are you talking to me?"
Impresario: "Sorry... my mistake. Wow, you could pass for Maria in a heartbeat! Hoo boy, now I really am in trouble..."
(Impresario leaves.)
"Celes looks like Maria...?"

Opera House
Impresario: "Ah! You again!"
Locke: "I read that letter. Setzer's coming to steal her..."
Impresario: "He'll probably appear right at the climax of Scene I. He loves an entrance..."
Locke: "Right! If we could only grab him then...!"
Impresario: "Dear me, NO! You'll ruin the performance! I'll lose my job!"
Celes: "Then you're history!"
Impresario: "This is simply horrid! I want the performance to be a success! But I don't want Maria to be abducted...!"
Locke: "We'll let him grab her... We'll use Celes as a decoy. After she's abducted, I'll follow 'em right to his airship!"
Impresario: "Are you mad?!! If something should happen to Maria..."
Locke: "That's why the decoy! We'll hide Maria somewhere safe!"
Impresario: "Come again?"
Locke: "You said SHE looks like Maria, right?"
Celes: "Now just a minute..."
Locke: "Celes will be our Maria! She'll lead us to the airship!"
Impresario: "Brilliant!"
(Celes runs around.)
Celes: "W... Wait! I'm a GENERAL, not some opera floozy!"
(Celes runs into the door, gets up, then goes inside the room.)
Celes: "Mii... Mi...
Do, re, mi...
Faa... hack, cough...
Maa.... Rii aaaa"
(Locke laughs.)
Locke: "Not bad, Celes!"

Locke: "Aye yai yai! Izzat... you!?"
Celes: "Locke. Why did you help me escape back there?"
Locke: "I... once abandoned someone when she needed me..."
Celes: "Somewhere inside you were saving... her, weren't you...?"
Locke: "That ribbon suits you."
Celes: "On with the show! This is a big scene in which Maria sense that something's happened to Draco!"
Locke: "You'd better check the score one last time."


The entire opera as seen in the game is included, just because I love it so much. The parts with Ultros, his letter, and the weight are not here because they aren't part of the actual opera.

Narrator: "The West and East were waging war...
Draco, the West's great hero, thinks of his love, Maria. Is she safe? Is she waiting?"

(Draco walks on stage and gets run over by 3 chocobos.)

Draco: "Oh Maria
Oh Maria
Please, hear my voice!
How I long to be with you!"

"The forces of the West fell, and Maria's castle was taken.
Prince Ralse, of the East, took her hand by force.
But she never stopped yearning for Draco."

(Maria appears in the outer balconies of the castle, singing while gazing out, then later climbing the stairs.)

Maria: "Oh my hero, so far away now.
Will I ever see your smile?
Love goes away, like night into day.
It's just a fading dream...
I'm the darkness, you're the stars.
Our love is brighter than the sun.
For eternity, for me there can be,
Only you, my chosen one...
Must I forget you? Our solemn promise?
Will autumn take the place of spring?
What shall I do? I'm lost without you.
Speak to me once more!"

(At the top of the first flight of stairs, a ghostly Draco appears.)
Draco: "Come, Maria! Follow my lead..."
(Draco 'dances' around, and Maria follows.)
Draco: "Ha, ha, ha..."
(He turns into a bouquet.)
(Maria picks up the flowers and climbs the stairs to the balcony high atop the castle.)

Maria: "We must part now.
My life goes on.
But my heart won't give you up. (She throws the flowers.)
Ere I walk away,
let me hear you say.
I meant as much to you...
So gently,
you touched my heart.
I will be forever yours.
Come what may,
I won't age a day,
I'll wait for you, always..."

Chancellor: "Prince Ralse is looking for a dance partner. Leave the past behind! Our kingdom is adopting the spirit of the East!"
(Maria starts to walk away, then turns around and gazes at the sky, before she follows the Chancellor.)

(Inside, everyone dances. Maria dances with Prince Ralse.)

"The survivors of the West attack!"
Ralse: "Impossible!"
(Soldiers rush on and fight.)
Draco: "Wait!!"
(Draco rides in on a chocobo and knocks Ralse over.)
Draco: "Maria"
Maria: "Draco, I've waited so long.
I knew you'd come"
Ralse: "Maria will finally have to become my queen!"
Ralse/Draco: "for the rest of my life I'll keep you near..."
Ralse: "It's a duel!"

(Ultros and company land on Ralse and Draco, knocking them out.)
(Crowd mumbles.)
Impresario: "Disaster! If the two heros are flattened, the opera's over! Then who'll win the girl!?"
(Locke gets up slowly, stands up, and shakes himself.)
Locke: "Neither Draco nor Ralse will save Celes!"
(Locke jumps around.)
"I, Locke, the world's premier adventurer, will save her!"
(Applause and whistles from the audience)
Impresario: "Oh boy... What awful acting!"
Ultros: "Silence! You are in the presence of octopus royalty! A lowborn thug like you could never defeat me!"
Impresario: "Hmm... Might as well make the most of this. MUSIC!!"

(Ultros fights with Locke and the others.)
(Locke stands triumphant after winning.)

Setzer: "Just a darn minute!
What a performance!!"
(Setzer appears, twirls Celes around, and grabs her.)
Impresario: "Setzer!"
Setzer: "I'm a man of my word, music man!"
(Setzer flies off with Celes.)
Celes: "That's HIM!?"

Impresario: "What a reversal! Thinking she's Locke's new queen, Maria is instead nabbed by Setzer! What fate lies in store for her? Stay tuned for Part 2!"

Setzer's Airship:
Locke: "What a performance!"
Celes: "Enough already!"
Locke: "But this is the tough one! Part 2 begins now!"
Locke: "... Where's Setzer?"
Celes: "He's coming."
(Setzer runs into the room.)
Setzer: "Who.. who're you! You're not Maria!"
Celes: "Setzer, we need your help. We have to go to Vector. We need this ship to get there."
Setzer: "Look, if you're not Maria, I don't want you aboard."
Celes: "Wait! We were told your ship is the finest vessel in the world."
Locke: "And that you were the world's most notorious gambler..."
(The others say something.)
Setzer: "Come here"
Celes: "Yeah..."
Setzer: "Don't misunderstand me. I'm still not sure if I'm going to help you."

Setzer: "Phew... The Empire's made me a rich man."
Celes: "Stop thinking of yourself. Many towns and villages have been smashed by the Empire."
(The others say something.)
Setzer: "The Empire... evil?..."
Celes: "We all hate the Empire for the same reasons. That's why..."
Setzer: "You know... you're even more stunning than Maria."
Celes: ????
Setzer: "Enough! If you... If Celes becomes my wife, I'll help. Otherwise..."
Locke: "WHAT! Are you stupid!?"
Celes: "We haven't any choice."
(Locke is horrified)
Setzer: "Yes! It's settled!"
Celes: "But I have conditions... We'll decide with a coin toss. If it's heads, you'll help us. If it's tails, I'll go with you. Well, Mr. Gambler...?"
Setzer: "Oho! Fine! I accept!"
Locke: "Listen to yourself! Celes... you can't become his wife! You just can't!"
(If Edgar is there, Celes talks to him privately and gets his coin.)
Celes: "Ready?"
(She flips the coin.)
Celes: "I win! Now, honor your part of the bargain!"
Setzer: "How... unusual! A coin with identical sides...!"
(If Edgar and Sabin are there, Sabin looks at Edgar as he realizes what the coin is.)
Celes: "I think you've been hustled, Mr. Gambler."
Setzer: "Ha! How low can you get!? I love it!
All right, I'll help you. Nothing to lose but my life..."
(Setzer flips the coin.)
Setzer: "My life is a chip in your pile! Ante up!"

Magitek Factory
Celes: "Professor Cid"
Cid: "General Celes! And who might these dubious characters be? Your troops?"
Celes: "No... You see, ..."
Cid: "Can it be true that you came here as a spy, seeking to cause an uprising?"
Locke: "!? Celes...?"
Kefka: "So that's it! Magicite... Cid, you miserable blockhead! Now..."
Kefka: "General Celes!! The game's over. Bring me those Magicite shards!"
Locke: "Celes! You... deceived me!?"
Celes: "Of course not! Have a little faith!"
Cyan: "See! I knew she couldn't be trusted!"
Kefka: "G'hee, hee, hee! She has tricked you all! Celes, that's so... YOU!"
Celes: "Locke... Please believe me..."
Locke: "I... ... ..."
Kefka: "Now!! Exterminate all of them!"
(Troops appear and ram the men.)
(Celes falls off.)
Celes: "Locke... Let me protect you for once... Maybe now... Now you'll believe me..."
(Celes gets off the balcony and uses her magic.)
Kefka: "Celes! W... What are you doing? Stop it!!!"
(Celes takes Kefka and the soldiers away.)
Locke: "Celes..."

Cid: "Kefka has used me... used the Empire. What have I done...? The life-energy of those Espers... You've helped me come to a decision. I'm going to talk to the Emperor and have this stupid war stopped!"
Cid: "Celes... I've known her since she was a baby. I raised her as if she was my own daughter! But she was forced to become a Magitek Knight, and has done some awful things. If I could only talk to her... I'd apologize for the way her life has turned out."

Locke: "Celes..."
(Celes looks away.)
Locke: "Come on...! Why won't you speak to me?"
(Locke goes up to Celes and looks down.)
Locke: "Even if it was only a little... I doubted you... But I'm still your friend..."
(Celes starts to leave.)
Locke: "Celes!"
(Celes closes her eyes and runs off. Locke looks down.)

Celes: "Hey... Locke... Um, I..."
Locke: "Come on."
(Celes sits down. Terra goes towards her then runs off.)

Locke: "I believe our job is finally over! I, for one, could use some peace and quiet..."
Celes: "Let's return to Vector."
Locke: "Celes..."
(Celes shakes her head)
Celes: "Please, not another word."
Relm: "I'm too hot, Grandpa."
Strago: "Kids!!"
(Locke and Celes look around and get embarrassed. Everyone else laughs.)

(Terra goes to the edge and closes her eyes)
Celes: "What's wrong, Terra?"
Terra: "The island... The world's groaning in pain..."

In Airship
Celes: "I was one of the Empire's generals, but I still know evil when I see it."

Floating Continent
(If Celes is not in your party, she runs up.)
"Celes!! Welcome back!"
Celes: "I came to stop you!"
(Celes moves to the front of the group. Gestahl goes to the statues.)
Gestahl: "Ooh! I've got goose bumps! What power..."
Celes: "Emperor Gestahl! Please, stop this madness!"
(The statues release energy that knocks Celes to the edge and paralyze the others.)
Gestahl: "Celes... Come to me, my pretty!
You and Kefka were given life to serve me!! It is your birthright to rule the world with me!!"
Kefka: "Kill the others and we'll overlook your treachery"
(Kefka laughs. He takes a sword from Gestahl.)
Kefka: "Take this sword! Take care of them, immediately!!"
(Celes looks down, takes the sword, and goes up to the others.)
Gestahl: "Celes... together we can rule an entire world! Think of it...!"
(Celes raises the sword, then looks down.)
Celes: "Power only breeds war... I wish I'd never been born."
(Celes stabs Kefka.)
Kefka: "Ouch!!"
(Kefka runs around.)
Kefka: "B... Blood!?"
Kefka: "You... vicious brat!"
Kefka: "Grrr... aargh... I hate (x 6) ... hate (x 10) HATE YOU! Grrr..."
Kefka: "Goddesses... you were born only to fight. I impore you... show me your power!!"
(Kefka rushes Celes, who blocks but is pushed back)
Kefka: "I command you! Give me your power! Arrrgh! Curses!"
(Statues glow.)
Kefka: "Listen to me, or you'll regret it! Give me... Power!)"
(Kefka and Gestahl battle)
Gestahl: "There'll be no one to worship us..."
(Kefka pushes Gestahl off the island)
Celes: "Snap out of it, Kefka!"
(Kefka knocks Celes to the ground and starts to move the statues.)
Celes: "Oh, that's really smart, Kefka! Disturb their delicate balance, and they'll go haywire...!"

Isolated Island
(Celes lies in bed.)
(The door opens and Cid enters. He checks the stove, then Celes, then sits down.)
(Celes gets out of bed.)
Cid: "Celes... at last...!"
Cid: "Celes... at last...! You're finally awake!"
Celes: "I... feel like I've been sleeping forever..."
Cid: "For one year, actually... I thought you were gone for good."
Celes: "A whole year... You've watched over me the whole time?"
Cid: "Yes, and I'm about out of energy."
(Celes turns around.)
Cid: "We're on a tiny,d eserted island. After the world crumbled, I awoke to find us together here with a few strangers."
Celes: "The world...! So, it wasn't just a dream."
Celes: "Where are my friends? Where's Locke...?"
Cid: "I don't know. I only know we're here... Maybe we're the only people left alive..."
Cid: "Since that day, the world's continued its slid into ruin. Animals and plants are dying... The few others who washed up here with us passed away of boredom and despair."
(Celes looks down.)
Celes: "My friends... they're probably all gone..."
Cid: "Celes... you're the closest thing to family that I have... we could just live out our lives here peacefully..."
Celes: "I suppose so, Cid... Or should I say, Granddad!? May I call you that?"
Cid: "Gramps, eh? I'm overwhelmed! All of a sudden, I have a granddaughter! Cough... wheeze..."
Celes: "My long-lost Granddad..."
Cid: "Ha, ha... hack... cough!"
Celes: "Hey, are you hungry?"
Cid: "I haven't eaten in three or so days, ever since I became ill."
Celes: "What would you like?"
Cid: "Well, unless I ask for fish, I won't get anything. That's all there is here!"
Celes: "I'll go catch some."
(Celes puts Cid in bed.)

Cid's Stages
Celes: "Granddad, here's a fish! Eat up!"
Cid: "Oh! Yum.... Chomp, munch, chew..."

"I feel much better! Thanks, Celes!"
"My dear, I... feel I'm not going to be around much longer..."
"Celes, thanks for all you've done for me!"
"Hackack!! I feel a little better!"
"Cough... wheeze... I can't bear this any longer..."
"I'm... I'm not long for this cruel new world..."
"My worst nightmare is to think of you alone here on this wretched island... hack... wheeze!!"
"Cough... hack... ACK!! While I still can talk, I... wheeze... pant... want to thank you... cough!"

If Cid Lives
(Cid gets out of bed.)
Celes: "What's up?"
Cid: "Celes... the project that kept me going over the past year is down below. Go have a look at it!"
(Celes sees the raft, and Cid appears behind her.)
Celes: "Granddad."
Cid: "Celes... You must leave this place. You have to find your friends!"
Celes: "I know... But I'll bring 'em all back to meet you!"
Cid: "That Locke fellow too, no doubt..."
(Celes drags the raft up. She waves to Cid on the beach. She drags the raft to the water and hops on.)

If Cid Dies
... ...
(Celes runs to front of the bed.)
Celes: "Granddad. You have to eat, or else... W...what's the matter?"
(Celes goes to the side of the bed and blinks.)
Celes: "Cid..."
(Celes pulls away and crouches down.)
Celes: "No... NO!!
You promised you'd stay here with me!!
Granddad, ANSWER ME! Tell me you're just joking!"
(Celes waves her hand.)
(Celes lowers her head, cries, and runs out.)
(Celes walks to the cliff.)
Cid: "Those others who were here... when they were feeling down they'd take a leap of faith from the cliffs up north... perked 'em right up!"
(Celes bends her head and backs up.)
Celes: "Everyone's gone... Even Locke, who promised to watch over me... The world's slowly ebbing away..."
(Celes looks over the ocean, closes eyes, and jumps off, crying)
(sound of ocean)
(Celes lies on the beach. A bird comes down with a bandana tied to its wing.)
(Celes wakes up.)
Celes: "Phew...
Why did you nurse me back to health? Did I ever ask you to help me!?"
(Celes stands up and looks at its wing.)
Celes: "A bandana???
No... it can't be..."
Celes: "Hey, you!
Where'd you get this!?
Is the person who healed you still alive? Answer me!"
(The bird flies off.)
Celes: "He's alive...
Locke's still alive!!!"
Letter from Cid: "You need to leave! The others are surely waiting for you!
Find the stairs next to the stove. Down them lies your road to freedom.
Love, Granddad"
(Celes finds the raft and starts pulling it.)
Celes: "I'll make you proud of me... Granddad..."
(She tugs raft to water and jumps on it.)

"You.. the sparkle in your eye... You're the spittin' image of a man who came through here recently."
"Uh? You again...? Oh, sorry. You remind me of (man who was searching) someone who was here searching for his friends... He said he was going north, to Tzen." Yeah, lady, I'd be confused, too. Playstation glitch?

(Celes enters the town. There's a huge explosion.)
(Celes runs to the house in back of the town.)
Woman: "My child's inside! Do something!"
Celes: "Sabin!"
Sabin: "Hey! Celes!"
Celes: "Let's head in!"
Sabin: "Wait!!"
Sabin: "If I move...
The whole house will collapse.
First... save the child that's in there...
I can't hold this up forever, so...
Get out on the hum... urgh..."
(Celes runs in and finds the child.)
Child: "I'm scared!"
Celes: "Don't worry, you're safe now."
(Celes comes out with the child.)
Sabin: "Wait!"
(Sabin jumps down. Everyone gets out of the way and the house collapses. Celes goes to Sabin.)
Celes: "Sabin! You're alive!"
(Sabin laughs.)
Sabin: "But of course! You think a minor thing like the end of the world was gonna do me in?"
(Sabin makes a fighting stance.)
(Celes lowers her head.)
Celes: "I thought everyone was gone... I had given up all hope... But... fortunately, I was wrong! Now I know they're all alive! We need to find everyone! Then..."
(Sabin nods.)
Sabin: "I know, I know... We smash Kefka, and deliver peace unto the world..."
(Celes nods.)

Gerad: "What's your problem?"
Celes: "Y... You're Edgar, aren't you!?"
(Gerad moves on, and Celes follows him.)
Celes: "Edgar?"
Gerad: "Enough of this nonesense! I have things to do."
(Gerad walks away, and Celes follows him.)
Gerad: "I'll be busy getting ready for our departure to Figaro."
Celes: "Don't play possum with me! Edgar? Or have you somehow lost your memory?"
Gerad: "Listen, my lady, I've been "Gerad" all my life!"
Celes: "Only Edgar would say, "my lady.""
(Gerad looks shocked/surprised, then does the Edgar smug look.)
Gerad: "What's all the bloomin' fuss about? The words "my lady" are used the world over!"

South Figaro
Gerad: "Let's go help 'em... Hang on a sec... ... ...? Are you people STILL here?"
Celes: "Be polite now... Edgar!"
"Boss, everything's ready. Let's go!"
Gerad: "Case of mistaken identity, my dear. Give it up!"

Figaro Underground
Gerad: "You guys get in there while I keep this thing busy!"
"But boss! That's dangerous!"
Gerad: "Get going!"
(Men leave.)
Celes: "Edgar!"
Gerad/Edgar: "What're you waiting for, Celes? Give me a hand!!"
Celes: "Edgar! Is IS you!"

Celes: "Why the stupid farce?"
Edgar: "Well, I heard that Figaro had had an accident. I wanted to help, but didn't know where to look. Then I heard that those idiots had escaped from the prison."
Celes: "You needed to use them."
Edgar: "Bingo. I had to wait until they led me to their secret cave."
Celes: "Amazing, considering that you threw most of 'em in jail to begin with!"
Sabin: "Don't treat us like strangers anymore!"
Edgar: "Uh, oh...! Let's hide!"

Celes: "Setzer!"
Setzer: "You're alive!?"
Celes: "Come along with us! We're after Kefka!"
Setzer: "Phew... I don't know if I have it in me anymore..."
Celes: "What are you saying!?"
Setzer: "I'm just a gambler...
I just want to be left alone... This world is too chaotic for me. What's worse, I've lost my wings..."
(Setzer walks to the bar counter.)
Celes: "But before the world collapsed, you fought with all your heart! You were absolutely fearless..."
Setzer: "That was then... We can never have that world back!"
Celes: "You want to live in this world as it is?
Then do something about it!"
(Setzer looks up.)
Setzer: "Mwa ha!
All right... you win!
I'm starting to feel lucky!!"
(Celes nods.)
Setzer: "Thanks... I needed that. Now, let's go visit Daryl's Tomb."
Setzer: "... ... We're gonna get us another one... Airship, that is...!"

The Falcon
Edgar: "I think we can finally pull this off."
Celes: "We can attack Kefka's tower from the air!"
Edgar: "The Falcon's going to give us one last chance at that guy..."
Setzer: "But first we need to find our friends!"
Edgar: "Right. First things first. For once I feel hopeful!"
(A white bird flies by.)
Celes: "Hey! A bird!
Setzer, follow that bird!"
Setzer: "But why?"
Celes: "I... don't know... Something inside just tells me it's important..."

Phoenix Cave
(The group finds Locke opening a treasure chest. Celes is in front of the party.)
Locke: "You're all safe! Behold... A legendary relic that can restore life..."
"That looks like...Magicite..."
Locke: "Correct! Legend has it that ages ago the Phoenix was turned to stone... And many legends are based on facts... This has some major cracks in it though... I fear it may have lost its power over time..."
Celes: "Locke...That's for Rachel, isn't it...?"
Locke: "I wasn't able to save Rachel... I've lost all sense of purpose... My life will have no meaning until I can right this terrible wrong..."
"Will you come with us? Only as far as Kohlingen..."

Herb Guy's House
Celes: "Locke..."
Locke: "Thanks, I'm okay... I feel lighter than air... From here on... I'll be alright. Let's go! We have work to do!!"
(Celes and Locke go outside of the house. Locke pauses.)
Celes: "What's up?"
(Locke runs inside the house, while Celes waits, puzzled. He runs outside again.)
Locke: "X-Potion! Fenix Down! X-Ether! Elixir! Flame Shield! Valiant Knight! The treasures of the Phoenix Cave!"
(Locke winks. Haha, he's the jerk who stole all the treasure =))
Locke: "Right, let's move out! We have an appointment with Kefka!"

Shopping for Gau
Terra: "How do you like these? Wait! What about those? Hm... oh well... Did you say something?"
"N..no! Nothing... ...Uh huh..."
Celes: "Which is it gonna be? Oh! This is nice...but... Do you think it becomes Gau?"
Celes: "What?!"
"... Nothing..."
Cyan: "What a jaunty hat!"
"Not at..."
Cyan: "Wait a minute! Where's the hat?"
Sabin: "This is it! Me go to funeral? Perfect! Functional yet sporty! Done!"
"I don't think..."
Setzer: "Phew! Completely lacking in fashion... Excuse me, sir. Could you order some clothes like the ones I'm wearing?"
"Impossible! Setzer! How dare you think of sticking him in that kinda getup?!"
Edgar: "I got it! A tuxedo, silk hat...and... ...a rose in his teeth!"
Locke: "I think that's overdoing it just a bit... He should have a bandana on his head!"
Edgar: "What's so great about a bandana? Most of the time I see 'em tied around dogs at the beach!"
Locke: "HEY! What do you mean by that?"

Before Entering Kefka's Tower
"Right. We're going in!"
Edgar: "It's time to break into Kefka's domain!"
Setzer: "What's wrong? Celes..."
Celes: "The Statues give the Espers the magical energy they need to live. If we destroy the Statues..."
Edgar: "What'll happen?"
Celes: "I'm not really sure, but..."
Stragos: "The Espers...and magic, too, will most definately disappear from this world."
Edgar: "And then..."
Celes: "What will happen to... Terra...?"


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