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September 13, 2010: Okay, the update I mentioned in February 2007 was a total lie, sorry. It'll come one day. For now, I have a new affiliate, Somewhere Only We Know, Todd's shrine to Sabin!

May 1, 2007: A new layout after almost two years, and a new name after almost six!

February 10, 2007: The release of Final Fantasy VI Advance for the Gameboy Advance came with a new translation. As such, I will be updating this shrine with information based on the new translation.

October 31, 2004: Site redesigned.

December 2003: I adopted a fanlisting for Celes.

August 6, 2002: Wow, long time no update. I even missed this site's one-year anniversary. I did some minor changes (mostly grammatical and structural). There's one new fanart by Kitt. This shrine has a new URL: please use http://celes.net/ or http://www.celes-chere.net/celes/ instead.

February 3, 2002: PSPH redesigned. Added more Merchandise and Final Fantasy Art Museum card scans. Updated a few sections. I still haven't gotten around to doing real updates yet since the redesign took so long.

November 25, 2001: New affiliate, Crystalline!

November 2001: Added several new artists to the fanart section. I also added a merchandise page to the Information section, CD listings to the music section, and piano scores and guitar tabs to the music section. Updated Opinions section.


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